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[FREE STUFF] Infographic: Calibrating a temperature probe

[FREE STUFF] Infographic: Calibrating a temperature probe

A temperature probe should be calibrated at least once a month to make sure the temperature read on the probe is accurate. There are 2 options, either boiling water, or ice cold water. My personal preference is to use boiling water as that leaves no room for interpretation. While using ice water based on the amount of ice and the temperature of the water, the real temperature will almost never be 0°C.

Here is the method to use :

  1. Boil water
  2. Put the thermometer tip in the water, not touching sides
  3. Allow at least 30 seconds contact time
  4. The temperature should read between 99°C (210°F) and 101°C (213°F)
  5. If this isn’t the case, adjust the probe or replace it
  6. Record temperatures according to your HACCP plan

Bare in mind that boiling temperature will be different with altitude you can find the table here

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