Qualizy: Helping food businesses to comply with the law easily without dealing with paperwork

If you want to boost your business's performance 
and use Food Safety as your strongest business asset ...Start ditching paperwork...immediately!

Protect your business better than ever before

Save 67% of the time spends logging data

Get Everything is done in a timely and diligent manner

A solid Food Safety Management System is the golden ticket to running a successful restaurant

Let me share quickly with you that a great food safety management plan is the golden ticket to whatever you possibly want for your restaurant.

I say that because restaurants willing to demonstrate commitment towards food safety are usually far more successful. 

The figures speak for themselves. 

61% of clients won't eat in a restaurant with a low food safety score.

And as you know already know if you are running a restaurant, Food Safety Management System and records are requested during inspections.

See the marking grid from the Food Standard Agency below, documentation and food safety management accounts for 1/3 of the rating, so you better be prepared!

Food poisoning outbreaks don't just happen to others...

See below, some of the world's best restaurants have been involved in 
food poisoning outbreaks with devastating consequences.

And it doesn't stop there... 

Anyone can post anything they want on restaurant review sites, whether these allegations are true or not, they can damage a restaurant's reputation substantially

If the world's most famous restaurants have been affected, you can be as well.
So what should you do?

Protect your business as much as you can...

Documentation and records are there to help you do just that! 

đź”´ This is critical to score very high during inspections

🔴 Documentation will help you prove that you have done everything necessary to protect your customers. 

This is the process of due diligence. 
Case studies
Smart businesses know they must digitise!
We receive, five-stars with no questions asked. The entire process is a breeze as all of our paperwork was logged and could easily be tracked. In fact, they can see when somebody hasn’t done everything… which is a big deal for EHO.
Heath Ince from Brooke leisure group
Operation manager
Everything has been put in place for this to be a successful business; particularly considering I received a five-star hygiene rating. I think that had a lot to do with Quality App.
Lyn Waddington from
 The tasteful cake company
It is absolutely great as everything we need is in one easy system. It is user-friendly so everybody can have access, unlike moving books around! Everything is there; everybody has access and managers remain in complete control. Qualizy is easier because you actually log in and see who did what and when they did it. Activities logged so nothing is ever left out or overlooked.  
Paola Vinciguerra
General manager, Paesan London

Who: food businesses willing to turn food safety into their strongest Business asset.

Without the hassle of dealing with any paperwork...

So, you’re a food business owner who juggles operation, finances, HR, and getting clients through the door. The last thing you want to worry about is staff completing compliance paperwork properly.

As we speak, you might not be 100% confident your team has successfully completed compliance documentation. Worse yet, you may be weary the next inspection may land you a poor rating.

A low food safety score or a negative review could drastically impact your bottom line. A recent study shows that 61% of customers would not step foot in a restaurant with a score below two-stars. A staggering 75% would NOT go into a restaurant with a suspected food poisoning outbreak in the past.

“You may have created all kinds of lists to follow protocol and things just didn’t work out. It is not your fault; most chefs are busy cooking… paperwork is the last thing they are focused on!”

“You may have implemented bonuses based on performance but they’ve failed. you have failed. It is not your fault; the truth is, things are very hard to monitor through paper-based records.”

Your job is to keep business healthy and profitable… not to go around nudging people towards doing their job properly.

The food industry will soon undergo radical changes in light of the Coronavirus crisis. This means customers will be more cautious than ever when walking into your restaurant. If you don’t put the right measures in place, then you will lose clients to those who DO take all the necessary food safety precautions.

If you are a head or executive chef then you’re already working well over 60-hours per week. Your focus is on producing brilliant dishes and making sure customers remain happy. You create menus, cook, train staff, place orders, and minimize food costs. You are SUPER busy. Let's face it, compliance paperwork is a pain in the butt. What are you doing about it?

"You try to delegate tasks, but it isn’t working. People are off sick, on vacation, or you’re in a transitional period… which makes the process even more complicated!”

"Even worse, you’re simply tired of doing it all yourself; you just don't have the time."
"You have tried to put all your staff through online training, but that didn't work either. It isn’t your fault. People tend to forget what they learn only days after training.”

If you are an operation manager then you know very well that most of the logbooks you’re auditing have been fabricated. You are willing to deploy SOP's very quickly but you can't as it is too hard to deal with the paper trail.

Here is the truth...

You can still comply using pen & paper

(Notebooks are often the dirtiest thing in the kitchen! These logs end-up with fingerprints and bits of food on them as chefs usually keep their pens in their back pocket)

You can still achieve results with pen and paper; you must, however, expend an enormous amount of energy to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your compliance paperwork.

There is a problem, however, as chefs don’t have time for such things; they are focused on the food and often end-up fabricating the data.

Most food businesses are not equipped with the skills and knowledge to deploy a proper food safety management plan. 

Even if you can keep up with compliance then you’re probably more focused on running the business, cooking, and making your clients happy.

Our dedicated team helps you connect the dots between data, knowledge, and people via a powerful digital solution.

Make sure you have an airtight plan and everybody is on board with it.

Trust a team that knows the industry! 

Been there, done that!

My name is Cedric Seguela, I am the founder and CEO of Qualizy.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and a level-four in food safety, both of which were obtained with merit and numerous other qualifications related to the industry.

I have spent the first part of my career as a chef, in several Michelin stars restaurants and luxury resorts around the globe.
In 2006, I created one of the first and most successful private chef companies in France. 

We’ve served hundreds of celebrities and prominent companies worldwide.

In 2012, I felt the need to create something more meaningful. Therefore, I founded a cookery school and designed food safety and educational culinary programs for the maritime industry. I have trained over two thousand food professionals in food safety to date.

I have felt the pain of following checklists and making temperature logs by hand as a chef. Those I had to train weren’t the only ones hating the process in its entirety. This is where the idea of creating a digital solution originated.

I researched the market extensively and I didn’t find a single solution that could connect the dots between data, knowledge, and people. That is when I founded Qualizy.
This is how to 
score really high...
... and create a genuine Food Safety culture

Step #1: Create a Food Safety Management System

By law, any food business must have a food safety management system based on HACCP principles. 
In the UK, for example, if you have a very small business then you might be using the Safer Food, Better Business package. 
This is a good start, but it rarely covers the needs of your entire operation. 

Therefore, you need to complement the process with your own SOPs. 
Record-keeping is an important part of the food safety management plan. This is the only thing that can back you up in case something goes wrong. 

Food safety inspection

Old Way

When you’re inspected, the health inspector will view the facilities, ask you questions, and request to see the food safety management plan alongside your records. You need to fetch each document within your filing system.

Old Result

The result is there might some cracks in the pavement. Your business could be missing documentation and the inspector might uncover the fact that your chef completed the records all in one day by fabricating data. The result of this discovery is a poor review or even a fine.

New Way

With Qualizy, the data is always there when you need it. Audits and reports are built specifically for you. You can easily filter and highlight everything your team has done well and everything that has not

New Result

The inspector will be reassured that you are genuinely committed and demonstrating proper food safety techniques. They’ll trust the data and will not question you further.

Technology can help you overcome implementation challenges

Using the Qualizy digital solution, your SOP's are deployed easily and remain consistent. That data becomes actionable and is always there when you need it. 
When the food safety management system is well-implemented and understood by everyone, it becomes a very powerful business asset and improves efficiency across your entire operation.

Step #2: Train your staff

Once you have successfully created and deployed your SOPs, you need to make sure people are reading and understanding them properly.

In food businesses, the owner or manager has a legal duty to make sure that the staff are sufficiently competent to perform their duty in a safe manner. 

That means you need to take on the responsibility of training your staff and can’t rely on an online food safety course done sporadically. 
You also need to perform regular competency checks.
Food safety inspection

Old Way

You train your staff online; once done, it is forgotten. You don't have time to ask questions and make sure that everyone is stays up-to-date with their knowledge base. 

Old Result

You run the risk of staff not understanding the SOPs you have in place; they never dare to ask for a review of the process. In most cases, the results are outdated knowledge.

New Way

You can store all your training material into one digital solution. Your whole training program fits into everyone's pocket via a mobile device. 
You can create questionnaires and always know everyone is staying atop their game.

New Result

Everyone can read the fact sheets and the SOPs from anywhere. Your staff will feel like they own the SOPs and will act accordingly. 

Make the knowledge fit in everyone's pocket

While using a digital solution such as Qualizy, your SOP's are deployed easily and always remain consistent. 

That data becomes actionable and is always there when you need it. 

When the food safety management system is well implemented and understood by everyone, it becomes a very powerful business asset and helps to improve efficiency across you entire operation. 

Step #3: Supervise and monitor

As a supervisor, leading by example is crucial but unfortunately, that is never enough. 
As a supervisor, you need to put measures in place to make sure everyone follows the directions and does the job properly. 

In restaurants, and more generally in the catering trade, it comes with a certain number of challenges. 
First of all, the industry has approximately 65% of staff yearly turnover… one of the highest of all trades. 

That means that you cannot rely on trust, as you are not familiar enough with at least a quarter of your team. 
Chefs are busy cooking and leave the paperwork as one of the last things to do, often fabricating the data.
Food safety inspection

Old Way

If you want to make sure that people are doing their job than you must physically perform checks and often nudge people in the right direction. This process feels uncomfortable and counter-productive. 

Old Result

Let's be honest, chefs are busy cooking and don't have time to complete paperwork. As a result, they end up fabricating the data. While this might not seem like a big deal when everything goes well, the consequences can be devastating if there is an outbreak or a complaint.

New Way

You can monitor task completions in the blink of an eye. By seeing what has been done by whom and when, you’re able to apply corrective actions when necessary.

New result

First, they can carry the whole food safety management plan in their pocket via mobile device and tablet; so, there are no excuses not to do it. They are prompted when a task is not completed on time. Managers can easily monitor team performance. 

Getting the job done!

Empowered and accountable, your staff have the right tools to do their jobs to a standard set by you.
Due to its ease of use and reduced manual input, Qualizy gives time back to your chefs to do what they like to do the most...cooking.

Chefs are on the front line when it comes to compliance records; however, it's also easy to empower waiters, assistant, KP's, or anyone else in your team.

Let's face it, if they are not logging simple data properly, what else are they not doing?

The simple calculation formula

Studies have shown that there is an average of 13,4 pieces of record per day per chef. 

Think about Food labelling, Fridge/Freezer temperatures, Food temperatures, delivery records, cleaning records etc...

If each record takes 1min30, that's 20 minutes per chef per day...

If you have 5 chefs working with you that's 600 hours per year, multiply that by the staff hourly cost and you will find that the hidden costs of recording are astronomical.

Using Qualizy, you can reduce the manual input by 67% and even bring temperature recording tasks to 0. 

...Saving thousands per year. 

Step #4: Supervise and monitor

As a food business operator, you are doing everything you can to serve safe food and protect your customers.

What do you get out it? 

Not much, because everything happens behind the scene and all your hard work is hidden away from the public. 

So, you are doing everything in your power to protect them but you can't show it, you can't prove it and you can't use it as a strategical asset to bring more customers through the doors.

What differentiates you from the competition?

Every food businesses out there are making the same bodacious claim, only a few are actually putting the right measures in place. If you are amongst the crowd deploying enormous efforts. 


Food safety inspection

Old Way

You are putting measures in place, train your staff, implement the right supervision and monitoring strategies. Yet everything happens behind the scene, nobody knows about it. Clients have to make choices blindfolded. 

Old Result

Your message doesn't resonate. Every restaurant out there makes the same claim. " We are doing everything we can to protect our customers..."
How many are actually doing it? 
This is the question that clients can legitimately ask.

New Way

Everything you do becomes hugely valuable. You are putting the right measures in place and you are able to prove it. You can back up your claim with data and make it available for the world admire. 

New Result

You have everything you need to prove that you doing everything necessary. The data is there, available, time stamped and genuine. Transparency becomes an asset for your business. 

Transparency as a super powerful marketing tool!

You choose what you want to share. You make it available on a public portal, on your website and even in your restaurant windows. and you can turn your processes into something useful and actionable to generate trust between you can your customers. You can stand out from the crowd. You use transparency in your favor. 

Ultimately, restaurants doing everything in their power to protect their customers and able to prove it will WIN over the competition. Qualizy transparency portal system helps you to do that. 

What else could be more powerful than transparency?

This is for you if are: 
  • Food business owners & You want to score really high in Food without the hassle of dealing with paperwork
Your presenter
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Introducing Qualizy

A digital solution that helps to insanely protect your business without dealing with paperwork

We have conducted more than 300 interviews with very large corporations such as Costa Coffee, Total or very small businesses and we realised that we needed to create a solution which would be simple to use, yet very powerful while enable to replicate precisely the most complex business processes without a single line of code. 

We have seen a lot of competitor solutions and none where truly connecting the dots between the data, people and knowledge. 

So we have created Qualizy, a solution that chefs and business owners would love to use on a daily basis. Something very simple to use, even for no tech-savvy people
How does this work?

Get rid of paperwork and focus on food

(We won't do the cleaning for you, but if you follow our advise and use our solution, there is a very very high chance that you will score five-stars)

Super smart badge to bring transparency to a whole new level

  • Transparency portal: Rewarding you for all your hard work.  
  • ​Smart Badge: to embed on your website and social medias
  • ​Advantage: Tangible prove that you are doing everything in your power to protect your customers
  • ​You choose what you want to share. 

Make sure that inspections are fly-by

  • Reports: Built for you and always available.
  • Data: Secured, accurate and always there when you need it.
  • Traceability: Full-fledged food and task traceability across your entire operation.

Reduce food waste and keep track of allergen

  • Use by date: Get notified the day before a product’s expiration date
  • Allergens: Keep a precise list and always see potentially harmful situations
  • Smart food labels: Print them on the fly and use to store a variety of information

Gather 100% of your operational checks via one solution

  • Modules: Use pre-built templates to create your own model
  • Data: Secured, accurate and always there when needed.
  • Scope: Food safety, temperature checks, HSE, accident reports, fire safety, audits, inspections and much more...

Deploy and communicate SOP's in the blink of an eye

  • Knowledge base: Put your entire operation's documentation in everyone's pocket
  • Chat: Talk to your co-workers, share documents, ideas, recipes or whatever else you like. 
  • ​Advantage: Connect the dots between data, knowledge and people
  • ​Bonus : A Full HACCP plan including flowcharts and posters awaits you

Here’s A Sample Of What You’ll Get Access during your trial


High performance Digital solution

So that you can ditch paperwork and focus on food

1-1 onboarding Training call

Book a FREE private call with our experts to help you get started

Teams and users

Share the funnels you make with others


Personalised implementation

Share the funnels you make with others

On demand


Very fast chat and email support

Weekly Live food safety webinar

So that you can ask food safety related question to stay atop of your game

Daily live training webinar

So that you can always be 100% efficient in using the solution

But Even MORE Important Than What You’ll GET… 
Is What You’ll Be Able To GET RID OF…

Qualizy is the food safety and operational 'supertool' that can help you protect your business without paperwork

  • Food Safety: ditch all the old fashioned logs
  • Operational checklists: Opening checks/closing checks, and everything else
  • SOP manuals: Everything is now available from the palm of your hands and fits in everyone's pocket
  • Health and safety checklist: Fire safety, Risk assessment etc...
  • Training manuals: Update and deploy all the training in a blink of an eye
  • Messaging app: Get rid of Whatsapp and secure all your conversation inside one app

Can You See Why This Can Be So Overwhelming For Most People?

Yet, with Qualizy, you can do ALL of these things inside of ONE simple to use "shortcut software" that literally makes this process SO simple, that anyone on your team (even NON-techies) can do it!

Yes, Qualizy Has The Tools You Need To protect your business and score super high during inspections...

All On ONE Easy-To-Use Platform!

Now, I know that you've seen some cool stuff, and there are literally DOZENS of other awesome things I could show you inside of Qualizy that will help you to protect your company...

But my goal isn't to 'SELL' you QuaLizy, because today I wanted to make you a very special offer where you see how it would work for your very own business. 

Yes, that means you can see how it works for your particular working environment , you can put in perspective of your own operation.

If we don't completely simplify your life, and help you to FINALLY have processes that protect your business, then let us know anytime in that 14 day window (heck, you can even bypass us and just cancel from inside of the dashboard) and you won't be billed anything. 

But, before you get started, I wanted to give you a few things to help guarantee your success. Let me show you:

GET A FREE DEMO, And when you sign up

Get These 3 Amazing BONUSES! 

Here Are 3 Gifts To Help You Succeed 
When You Signup For The Qualizy!


A Full-fledged HACCP plan

You also get more than 40 Food Safety policies that we've spent years studying, teaching and crafting...

  • Food purchasing
  • ​General storage procedures
  • ​Food preparation
  • ​Cooking and chilling High-risk food
  • ​Blast chilling
  • ​Storage after cooking
  • ​Food reheating
  • ​Cooking
  • ​Hot holding
  • ​Temperature monitoring
  • ​Cleaning and disinfection
  • ​Internal audits and inspections
  • ​Personal hygiene
  • ​Company egg policy
  • ​Barbecue
  • ​Foreign material
  • ​Allergies and intolerance 
  • ​Reporting illness
  • ​HACCP 
  • HACCP flow chart
  • ​and More...
With this plan, you will get all the policies that you need to operate a successful food business. 
This will set solid foundations and this is already inside the solution.


Expert's SOP's already in the solution

Plus, you will get a set of customisable templates, Created by our food safety experts and already available in the solution

  • Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning schedules
  • Temperature log templates
  • Cleaning standards to be achieved
  • ​Weekly, daily, monthly inspection checklists
  • ​Pre-employment food safety questionnaires
  • ​Hot holding/Fast cooling
  • ​Temperature probe calibration
  • ​Return From Sickness
  • ​and plenty of other highly valuable forms and templates.
With such a huge variety of templates, you will have to create another one again, and you will feel 100% confident about your next inspection.


HACCP training pack

Plus, you will get a set of customisable templates, Created by our food safety experts and already available in the solution

This pack will help you a lot to train your staff effectively during the onboarding process. 

With the high industry turn over, training appears to be a constant challenge. 

I recommend making the reading of this training mandatory for every new team member and get them to sign an acknowledgement letter.

This way, everyone is on the same page when it comes to food safety and it contributes highly to your company's culture of food safety.

Those are just some of the reasons you’ll find that an investment in an expert Food safety management plan pays for itself! 

Plus, that investment will benefit you no matter what line of work you are in. It works for any kind of food businesses...whether you are a restaurant, a cafe, a hotel or a food retail business.
Can you see why so many companies are signing up to Qualizy?
Smart businesses know they must digitise!
We receive, five-stars with no questions asked. The entire process is a breeze as all of our paperwork was logged and could easily be tracked. In fact, they can see when somebody hasn’t done everything… which is a big deal for EHO.
Heath Ince from Brooke leisure group
Operation manager
Everything has been put in place for this to be a successful business; particularly considering I received a five-star hygiene rating. I think that had a lot to do with Quality App.
Lyn Waddington from
 The tasteful cake company
It is absolutely great as everything we need is in one easy system. It is user-friendly so everybody can have access, unlike moving books around! Everything is there; everybody has access and managers remain in complete control. Qualizy is easier because you actually log in and see who did what and when they did it. Activities logged so nothing is ever left out or overlooked.  
Paola Vinciguerra
General manager, Paesan London

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get
When You Join Qualizy

Everything You Get With Qualizy!

  • Qualizy High performance digital system (ÂŁ390/yr value)
  • 1-1 onboarding  call with one of our experts (ÂŁ90 value)
  • ​Weekly Food Safety webinar (ÂŁ390/yr value)
  • ​Daily live app training webinar (ÂŁ390/yr value)
  • ​Unlimited users and features 
  • ​Bonus #1: Full fledged HACCP plan (ÂŁ1997 value)
  • ​Bonus #2: Professional SOPs + policies (ÂŁ597 value)
  • ​Bonus #3 HACCP training pack (ÂŁ197 value)

Total value: ÂŁ4051

After the FREE trial you will be able to get started from just ÂŁ34/month

Less than the price a coffee per day

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button above, book a demo and we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Cedric Seguela

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Who are you guys, anyway? 
We are a team of well-seasoned chefs and food safety experts who were frustrated by the quantity of required HACCP related paperwork. Joining forces, we decided to create an easy, digital solution that we could use daily.
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
Our system is designed to match all your business needs. Qualizy’s powerful checklist and audit engine allow you to create any kind of operational check and couple it with enhanced food traceability. We come from the trade so we have been in kitchens ourselves and understand your working environment.
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 
If you follow our advice and use our digital solution adequately, then we promise you’ll score the highest possible score during each food safety inspection.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for?  
Due diligence documentation is mandatory, regardless. We provide you with a solution that safeguards your processes, monitors task completion, and deploys SOPs at scale. The powerful checklist engine precisely replicates all the processes you already have in place.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for?  
It won't work if you are not committed to food safety. We require you to be present for at least two calls and/or webinars to make sure that you implement and deploy SOPs properly.
What are typical contract terms?  
There is no engagement. However, if you are willing to commit to at least a twelve-month contract then the price will be cheaper and will subsequently decrease in relation to the length of your contract.
Can I use my own tablet?  
You can! The solution is a progressive web app and it works on any device. For a better user experience, we don't recommend using the solution on an outdated device with limited browser compatibility.
How do I present this to my team? 
We will set-up a training call with you, supervisors, and operators. We will supply you with full support, videos and support throughout the entire process.
What type of support do you offer?   
You can reach us from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CET, Monday to Saturday via the live chat support feature in the application or by phone. Outside office hours, we will route you to our emergency response team for urgent matters. The current median response time to speak to a team member is 2-minutes and 36-seconds.
Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?    
Our founder, Cedric Seguela has been training over 2000 delegates in food safety over the last five years. While detailing the due diligence process and required compliance documentation, he noticed people were scrambling to keep up. That's where the initial idea came from.
What happens in case of an inspection?
You can show the data to the official using the easy inspector view mode. If you need further assistance, you can get in touch with our support team via phone or chat and we will help you gather the relevant documentation. For premium plus plans, your dedicated account manager will help you gather information on your behalf.
Do I have to create my own templates?
Only if you want to, otherwise we have a lot of professionally designed templates that you can use free of charge.
What happens to the data if I cancel?
First of all, we will be sorry to see you go; but you can export all your data in a PDF or Excel file. Also, the data is kept available on our servers three-months after cancellation
Is my data secured?  
Yes, we use state of art server technology, a strong encryption mechanism, and back-up your information two times per day. Your food safety data will be safer than ever before.
What's your stance on privacy?
The data is kept safe on secured servers located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany alongside a new center in the Asia-Pacific. Only you have access to your data and no other third-party access it, including the Qualizy team. The data is backed up twice a day and uses state-of-the-art security measures.
Qualizy-All rights reserved