Automated Food Safety and Operations for the Food service Industry

Qualizy helps food businesses to save hundreds of expensive working hours completing paperwork and always be inspection-ready.

Quickly be able to deploy rock-solid Digital Food Safety and HSE management systems, audits and checklists, monitor temperatures automatically, Track Food allergens and expiry dates, and collaborate with your team to get work done faster and better than ever before.

Always be inspection-ready
and increase your food quality scores

Qualizy has been built by Chefs, restaurant owners and Food safety experts to make their work easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

You can still achieve results with pen and paper; you must, however, expend an enormous amount of energy to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your compliance paperwork. 

We helps you connect the dots between data, knowledge, and people so that you can focus on customers and stop spending valuable time on admin tasks.


Always compliant

Take digital control over your Food Safety and HSE compliance, no more paper jungle for your staff

Always efficient

Increase your efficiency with a real-time tracking of actions and food items

Always on time

Make sure that your team’s assignments are completed on time and properly

Never miss a task

Create tasks for your teams, get notified and monitor task completions in a blink of an eye

Reduce food waste

Trace lifetime of all products and be notified of impending expiry in advance to reduce wasting food

Attract more clients

Let everyone know that you adhere to hygiene standards and food security guidelines with a Smart Badge

How we help you manage
your operation

Task manager

Get all the daily jobs done faster, better and in one place

Create assignments, and monitor their completion in a blink of an eye so that you know precisely if a task has been completed or not.

Team collaboration

Chat and keep track of important conversations

Keep track of important communications inside a secured in-app chat and streamline communication within your company to gain efficiency and avoid the loss of informations

Customisable audits, checklists and inspections

Build amazing checklists, audits, and inspections or deploy ready-to-use expert's the templates from Qualizy expert’s library

Whether you already have your own SOP’s, policies provided by a consulting firm, or you are starting from scratch, our powerful template builder will help you create any kind operations checks smarter than ever before in a just a few clicks

Empower your team with a collective knowledge

Roll out SOP’s & Policies in just a few clicks

Knowledge is power, by making the knowledge fit in everyone’s pocket, ensures that everyone can be familiar with your company’s policies and bridge the knowledge gap subsequent to new hires

Inspection-ready reports

Keep your business inspection-ready

Never fear an inspection again, the documentation is always in order and there when you need it. Build custom reports that you can easily share with the authorities, with your auditing firm or colleagues.

Allergens and expiry dates tracker

Track allergens, & expiry dates to protect your clients and your wallet

Log allergens on the fly and automatically track them using a smart QR code and receive notifications

File management

Each file is where it's supposed to be, attached to the relevant user or project.

Knowledge is power, by making the knowledge fit in everyone’s pocket, you ensure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date company’s policies instantly and from anywhere

Wireless sensors

Never miss to log a temperature

Allows businesses to monitor fridges and freezers temperature, receive alerts and notifications so that you can protect your stocks and prevent food wastage.

How Qualizy makes running a food business easier & more successful

Quality management is the golden ticket to running a successful business
Businesses willing to demonstrate commitment towards food safety are far more successful. 
The figures speak for themselves. 
61% of clients won’t eat in a restaurant with a low food safety score.

In order to score really high, as a food business, you need to be able to demonstrate records that you are doing everything properly. This documentation accounts for 1/3 of the rating, so leveraging technology to make sure that every task is completed in diligent and timely manner is great way to show professionalism and commitment towards protecting your customers.


We receive, five-stars with no questions asked. The entire process is a breeze as all of our paperwork was logged and could easily be tracked. In fact, they can see when somebody hasn’t done everything… which is a big deal for EHO.

0 (3)

Heath Ince
Brooke leisure group
Operation manager

It is absolutely great as everything we need is in one easy system. It is user-friendly so everybody can have access, unlike moving books around! Everything is there; everybody has access and managers remain in complete control. Qualizy is easier because you actually log in and see who did what and when they did it. Activities logged so nothing is ever left out or overlooked.

Paola Vinciguerra
Paesan London
General manager

Everything has been put in place for this to be a successful business; particularly considering I received a five-star hygiene rating. I think that had a lot to do with Quality App.

Lyn Waddington
The tasteful cake company
Business owner

How Qualizy makes running
your operation smoother

Pick ready-to-use templates or create your own

Pick ready-to-use templates or create your own

Our library is filled with expert’s templates that you can use off-the-shelf in just a couple of clicks and customise them easily. If you have your own, no problem at all, you can also convert them to digital easily inside the app, or send them over and our team will do it for you

Create assignments for your team

Create assignments for your team

Choose who should do what & when, so that you can monitor task completion in a blink of an eye, so that you never miss an important task.

Create actionable and intelligent reports

Create actionable and intelligent reports

A simple 3 clicks process allows to display any records instantly, export it and/or share with anyone you like, so that inspections become a fly-byn a blink of an eye
Log data on the fly from any device

Log data on the fly from any device

Your team can log anything 70% faster than if they were to do it using pen & paper. Why? Because most of the data is automatically populated so that you don’t have to type it manually and this data is unfalsifiable

The Old Way
The Qualizy Way

Way cheaper, faster and more accurate than doing everything manually.

Ineffective audits

Heavy administration

Lack of visibilty

Loss of data

Fabricated records


Reduced overheads

Actionable reports

Easy collaboration

Organised workflow

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14 Days free.
No credit card required

Getting started is easy and we’re here for you anytime.

Digital and automation

Ideal for businesses with less than 5 locations
& simple business logics
$ 47 Monthly/location
  • Wireless temperature monitoring*
  • Unlimited teams and users
  • Unlimited number of exports
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • * From $38/sensor


Ideal for businesses with more than 5 locations
& complex business logics
Custom pricing
  • Advanced user and team management
  • Advanced autorisation management
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Customised training and onboarding


Create templates that suit your unique needs



Absolutely! You can try the Qualizy for 14 days without paying or committing to anything. No credit card is required to start the free trial

Our solution has a powerful templates and alert builder that allows to create any kind of checklists, audits or inspections and bind it with Food traceability, allergens and expiry dates.

Sure! We offer a 30-minute free set-up call with an expert so that we can help you customize the solution to your own business needs. 

There is no engagement. However, if you are willing to commit to at least a twelve-month contract then the price will be cheaper and will subsequently decrease in relation to the length of your contract.

Yes, absolutely. Qualizy doesn’t lock you in with a contract on the hardware and you can choose to use any tablet or mobile phone that has a recent browser. 

In that event that you would need a tablet, get in touch with our team to explore our leasing options.

Qualizy is Food Safety and operational checks ‘Supertool’ that allows to create SOP’s, checklists and inspection really quickly, and log data on the fly from any device. 

You don’t need to. Qualizy uses the latest technology in terms of mobile application. You simply need to open the app on the browser and add it to your home screen, so you can enjoy the true power of an app without the hassle of dealing with updates and downloads. 

Our system is designed to match all your business needs. Qualizy’s powerful checklist and audit engine allow you to create any kind of operational check and couple it with enhanced food traceability. We come from the trade so we have been in kitchens ourselves and understand your working environment.

We are a team of well-seasoned chefs and food safety experts who were frustrated by the quantity of required HACCP related paperwork. Joining forces, we decided to create an easy, digital solution that we could use daily.

If you follow our advice and use our digital solution adequately, then we promise you’ll score the highest possible score during each food safety inspection.

Due diligence documentation is mandatory, regardless. We provide you with a solution that safeguards your processes, monitors task completion, and deploys SOPs at scale. The powerful checklist engine precisely replicates all the processes you already have in place.

We will be sorry to see you go, but your data will remain available on our servers for you to download, but you won’t be able to use the features of the solution

Keeping your business inspection ready has never been easier

Faster, better and cheaper than ever before

Using Qualizy digital solution, your SOP’s are deployed easily and remain consistent. 

That data becomes actionable and is always there when you need it. 

When the food safety management system is well implemented and understood by everyone, it becomes a very powerful business asset and improves efficiency across your entire operation
But Even MORE Important Than What You’ll GET… Is What You’ll Be Able To GET RID OF…
  • Old fashioned logs
  • SOP manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Hours of admin

There are literally DOZENS of other awesome things we could show you inside of Qualizy that will help you to protect your company…

But our goal isn’t to ‘SELL’ you QuaLizy, because today we wanted to make you a very special offer where you see how it would work for your very own business.


That means you can see how it works for your particular working environment and you can put in perspective of your own operation.

If we don’t completely simplify your life and help you to FINALLY have processes that protect your business, then let us know anytime in that 14-day window and you won’t be billed anything.