We help restaurants to score the highest food safety ratings

Paperwork doesn't have to be painful. We implement and deploy the system and you only need to start logging data.

Secured, No credit card needed

The most complete food safety solution I have used to date. I love the checklist feature, we are covering all of our daily checks with it.
Paul Whitberg
Restaurant manager

Create your own audits and checklists

Use templates from the public library

Use templates already created by our food safety experts. Ranging from cleaning schedule to opening or closing checklists this is the perfect tool to score ☆☆☆☆☆

Create your own

Replicate your current processes and audits in the digital platform. Don't change the way you work, just make it smarter

Automate temperature monitoring

Collect temperatures automatically

Place each sensor in cooling units and watch the temperature and humidity data being collected at scheduled time.

Receive alerts and notifications

Set your own alerts and notifications, be informed before something goes wrong.


Facilitate audits and inspections

Create actionable reports

Pull out data for multiple locations in matter of seconds and print it in super clean PDF format.

Display data in seconds

Don't stress about your next inspection. The data is always available so that you can have a real piece of mind while inspected.

Time stamped

Every records is time stamped and digitally signed

Digitally validated

The system validates every entries, you can have a full backlog of every actions


You cannot loose an important piece of documentation anymore, everything is stored in a secured cloud environment and backed up 2 times a day.

Prevent fabricated food safety records

And avoid nasty consequences in case of a food safety outbreak or an inspection.


Mitchell and Butler food poisoning outbreak, London, 2012


“ They had fabricated food safety records relating to the cooking of turkey meat.”


Chef and manager jailed  after woman dies and 31 taken ill at Christmas dinner, £1,5M fine


Source: BBC

Get Started for free.

Use up to 3 templates for 1 location and for 3 users totally free and access all the features, including wireless temperature sensors and wireless printer integrations.


Pro accounts starting from $39

  • Is my device mobile supported?

    Yes, this application is a progressive web app. It works on any devices. This new technology is 200 times lighter and 6 times faster than a traditional application.

  • How do I know which plan is best for me? Can I change any time?

    We’ve found that customers who can commit to a full year of using The HACCP app are more successful in food safety than others. Since your success is our goal, we want to build a relationship with you to help you become successful to support that goal.

  • Can I only pay by credit card?

    No, you can pay by credit card, or wire transfer. You only need to get in touch with us to tell us your prefered option.

  • Do you provide hardware?

    Yes, we do provide hardware on lease plans or to purchase. However, our added value isn't into hardware. This solution is designed to work on any device

  • Is my data safe? What’s your stance on privacy?

    All the data is kept save on secured servers located in USA, Germany, UK. Only you have access to your data and no other third party can, including ourselves. The data is backed up every day and uses state of art security measures.

  • What happens to the data if I want to cancel ?

    You can export all you data in pdf or exel file. The data is kept available on our servers 3 months after cancellation.

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